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Mark Malen

Vocals / Keys / Harmonica

Mark is something of a Renaissance man. In addition to playing the keys for The Stingers, he's a talented vocalist, drummer, harmonica player and songwriter.  He has been involved in the Chicago music scene for many years and has also combined his love of travel with music by touring in a few countries in Europe.

Rick Ricchiuto

Vocals / Rhythym & Lead Guitar

Rick is a talented and versatile guitarist, and enjoys playing a variety of music genres and styles which include: classic rock, southern rock, R&B and some Rock Blues. He is also a gifted songwriter and would consider his original music “Riff Driven Rock” with a funky twist.

Faride Talamas

Vocals / Percussion

Faride or "Fa" is no stranger to the stage. She will captivate you with her commanding presence and beautiful voice. Her style is very versatile and she is able to sing anything from "Etta James" to "Led Zeppelin"

Bob Ahrendt


Bob is a Chicago native and has been playing in various cover and original bands throughout the city and suburbs for the past 30 years.  Bob is getting back to his roots with the Stingers,  playing music that stands the test of time. He loves to cover artists that have delighted fans for generations by emulating some of the most iconic drummers in rock history.

Mitch Ferris


Mitch holds the groove steady. He fills out the bottom like never before with his funky grooves, steady beat and  melodic walks.  He may hang down low in the pocket but his performance is at the top.

Mike Faure'


Mike plays with taste and restraint and his warm and seasoned tone and naturally easy style result in the kind of sax that just about everyone enjoys hearing.Mike has always considered himself more of an R&B, rock, blues, soul player, even though all his early influences were mainstream jazz players



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