The Stingers Are Ready To Rock! Check Out Our Line Up

Mark Malen (Keyboards, Vocals) is something of a Renaissance man. In additional to playing keys for The Stingers, he’s a talented vocalist, drummer, and songwriter.  He has been involved in the Chicago music scene for many years and has also combined his love of travel with music by touring in a few countries in Europe. Mark has a good sense of humor and also a good sense of smell. Consequently, he can instantly tell when one of his jokes stinks.
Rick Ricchiuto  (Guitar, Vocals) Rick founded The Stingers in 2011.  He left for a while but is know back.   A talented and versatile guitarist, he enjoys playing a variety of music styles, including rock & blues.  Rick also writes and performs his own original music.
Ron Vesely (Bass) is the glue that keeps everything together for The Stingers, holding down the lower end of the sonic spectrum with his melodic and funky Lakland bass work. A noted professional sports photographer, Ron can often be found “trying out” basses for hours at a time at Sam Ash stores from coast to coast before games.
Bob Ahrendt (Drums) is a Chicago native and has been playing in various cover and original bands throughout the city and suburbs for the past 30 years. Bob is getting back to his roots with the Stingers playing music that stands the test of time by artists that have delighted fans for generations, emulating some of the most iconic drummers in rock history.

Morgan Pittman (Percussion, Vocals) Originally from California, Morgan moved to Colorado for school. From mountain views to skyscrapers, she’s falling in love with Chicago.  Morgan has sung since she was a kid  and also has performed at various venues including theater & in church band.  Recently Morgan decided that it was a good time for her to enter the music industry and peruse her passion. Wanting to find her real voice, she is working in all different genres of music. As the newest member of the Stingers, she will be belting out Rock & Roll and R&B classics. With Morgan’s ability to sing different genres and styles she rounds out the bands sound with her soulful voice.
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